questfox® Feature List

From Responsive to Device Agnostic

The future of online market research is mobile. With questfox you are prepared for the fundamental requirements of mobile surveys. An integrated script automatically recognizes the used device and adjusts questions to the size of the screen. The basic devices are recorded via script and the questionnaire changes automatically.

This type of Responsive Design is currently status quo in this sector. questfox thinks further: independent of appliance class surveys should work on any internet device. questfox does not believe in single devices. questfox is Device Agnostic.

There will be new question types in the area of mobile devices. While the trend in market research rather seems to develop towards simple votings without methodological background, questfox integrates gradually more and more mobile methods. All methods of MR Pro are operational already. With Gyroscale (R) questfox disposes of a world first in surveys, which will change the behavior of answers. Further question types are in progress. The focus is on methodological development without loosing track of technical possibilities.

If methodological development is available on a technical framework, then market research can be shorter and more amusing, without renouncing quality.

iPad Surveys Create iPad-compatible surveys
iPhone Surveys Create iPhone-compatible surveys
Android Surveys Create Android Phone compatible surveys
Android Surveys Create Android Tablet compatible surveys
Windows Mobile Surveys Create Windows Phone compatible surveys
Touch interaction - Create surveys for touch devices
TINDER question type

MR Pro Questions

questfox is a tool integrating complete solutions for professional market researchers. In the category MR Pro, there is a high-quality problem solution in the modular concept available. With one click, there are simple solutions for complex problems available. questfox MR Pro creates the question; evaluation is immediately at hand.
Examples for MR Pro Questions are: Net Promoter-Score (simple and graphical)
Price-Sensitivity Meter (to key in or with graphical scales)

Further question types are in progress and there will always be an evaluation appropriate to the method.

Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score Graphical
Price Sensitivity Meter Type in answer
Price Sensitivity Meter Graphical
TINDER question type (Tinsort)

Question Types

Competitors often list the number of question types in a feature list. questfox contains all popular question types of market research in various manifestations. In questfox, the evaluation of every question is more important than the question type itself. Every question type has an automated evaluation, that can be activated after receiving any answer.

An overview of pivotal areas of question types:

Textbox (Short Answer)
Essay (Long Text)
Radio Buttons (Single Choice)
Checkboxes (Multiple Choice)
Dropdown Menu
Rating (Likert Scale)
Multi-Select Dropdown Menu
Textbox List
Textbox Grid
Dropdown Menu List
Radio Button Grid
Checkbox Grid
Dropdown Menu Grid (coming soon)
Drag & Drop Ranking
Ranking Grid (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
TINDER question type (Tinsort)
Constant Sum
Star Rating Grid
Images and Videos
Video Embed
Audio Embed
Contact Form
Image Choice (coming soon)
File Upload (coming soon)
Captcha (coming soon)
Type words from an image
HTML5: Input Type for Textbox
Social Media Action
Slider Values
Semantic Differential
Intro/Outro for each question page with full HTML
Special Interaction Techniques
Single Choice with Sniperscale®
Single Choice with GyroScale®
Question type Map
World Map
South Africa
Berlin (political)
Berlin (local details)
pangea(coming soon)
Customization Features
Make Answer mandatory
Create Max Word Size
Change Textbox or Table Properties
Define the length, height, and width of textbox or table
Add/Edit Options in Bulk
Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values
Use 2nd value for each reporting value (QuizValue)
"Other" Textbox
Orientation of Labels and Options
Change to vertical, horizontal, or Likert Scale
Dynamic Question Numbering
Create a custom CSS design
Format Text
Size, bold, underline, italicized, link, add images, etc.

Decision Tree

questfox disposes of a unique set to integrate methods for analytical decision-making. The generation of one or more Decision Trees with multi-level attribute trees and adaptive usable alternatives is methodical accepted and state of the art.
The characteristic of integration in questfox is the combination of classical market research questions and models of decision-making in the survey. The evaluation is combinable on this basis. questfox is the only tool, that allows several decision trees in several sections of a survey. New methods of question reduction were validated in different surveys and develop permanently.

Decision trees measure the consistency of answers and, therefore, serve as a quality characteristic of a survey. This helps in projects with commercial panels to eliminate respondents. The GyroScale® developed by pangea labs is pickable as an option for decision tree questions. The design of the paired comparison questions is very variable and questions can be created in a way, that the respondents have fun going through the questionnaire. Altogether: seriousfun®

Decision Tree Access
Multiple Decision Trees
Joint Decision Trees
Live Decision Feedback
Adaptive Decision Tree Features

Branding & Design

The design of a questionnaire influences considerably the willingness of a respondent to answer all the questions. questfox enables an entire integration of Corporate Design principles as part of a questionnaire. Other providers can merely supply different color sets whereas with questfox nearly every pixel can be styled individually.
With this, the design is no self-purpose, the goal is to generate fewer drop-outs and to improve the user experience of thousands of respondents.
Here the researcher is between the poles of support and tampering of an answer. questfox furnishes all tools to support a survey without affecting the quality of answers.

Ask for our briefing for graphic designers and build your own template or use the already available templates of scales, buttons, checkboxes.

It is on you to apply a black and white questioning on a color screen or to present your brand during a questioning of about 10 minutes.

Survey Branding
Dozens of Pre-Built Survey Templates
Fully Customizable XHTML/CSS Templates
Customize Font Family and Size
Customize Template Colors
Edit Survey Width
Change Logo Alt Text and Footer Text
Edit General Error Message
Edit "Next", "Submit", and "Close" Button Text
Optional Back Button
Optional Progress Bar
Upload Logo
Optional "Powered by questfox" Logo
Individual Design for all interaction elements
Individual Checkboxes, Radio-Buttons
Mouse-over / Hover effects for interaction elements
Corporate Design Interaction
Individualied Imprint
Link Branding (Generate Branded Survey URLs)
Branded Subdomain Link
Example: http://YourCompany.sgizmo.com/s3/SurveyName
Private Domain Link
Example: http://surveys.yourwebsite.com/s3/YourSurveyName
Custom Survey URL

CREATE Management features

questfox: Good for surveyMAKER - Perfect for SurveyTAKER
The generation of a questionnaire with questfox is easy. New users have rapid results with the intuitive user guidance. Experts appreciate the number of possibilities of settings for professional market research. The claim to the future is to permanently improve both areas with the further orientation towards usability without sacrificing professional functions.

questfox can do standard and freestyle
questfox masters all the usual question types of market research and some new types of online interaction. Besides this, questfox has a powerful set of methods, for those a basic knowledge of developing questionnaires is of advantage. Compared to other tools questfox can generate appealing surveys and so the respondent will be relieved cognitively so they can concentrate on answering the questions.

questfox calculates live
questfox is a tabulator, that can deal with complex mathematical functions during an ongoing interview. On- the-fly calculations and subsequent reactions logics and leaps are among the most interesting issues that may questfox take over for you.

questfox is communicative
questfox can send information from ongoing projects to defined stakeholders. Things like an E-Mail alert before a quota is accomplished, a warning about a dissatisfied customer or an automatically sent interim report help to take the heat off the researcher.

INVITE Response Management Features

questfox: Good for surveyMAKER - Perfect for SurveyTAKER
The generation of a questionnaire with questfox is easy. New users have rapid results with the intuitive user guidance. Experts appreciate the number of possibilities of settings for professional market research. The claim to the future is to permanently improve both areas with further orientation towards usability without sacrificing professional functions.

questfox can standard und freestyle
One of the most important questions in online market research is the question concerning potential participants for a survey. questfox supports all relevant forms of interaction and expands them. Beside the invitation via mail-order servers also social media canals are available. The connection to more than a dozen commercial panels are recorded and the customer has to negotiate the planned target group with the panels. The technical part of the integration then is already realized. If different panels shall be interconnected, then this is possible without further technical support. Nevertheless different quotas should be taken into account in a scheme of panel-use. questfox is connected to international brand leaders and in particular proud of working together with technology leader. Quota-control, that is adapted for most complex demands and implements defined communications interaction with participating partners, also belongs to a professional response-management with questfox. questfox controls all forms of interaction of the response-management, no matter if by the website, by the facebook-channel or in-app.

REPORT Project Management Features

In addition to data collection and response-management questfox has the strong point in the evaluation surface questfox Living Report that is easy to handle. An evaluation with data collected by questfox can quickly be converted to a professional report.

The generation of a report can already happen before questioning. With each interview the Living Report grows in previously defined cycles and refreshs itself. questfox Living Report especially works well for bigger organisations, where data pools often end in different reports. In this way with questfox Living Report a management-report will be created for the chairman, a detailed report will be created for the marketing and a PR report will be created for the website. This is on the basis of a single data pool.

The development aims for online-reporting. Certainly PDF reports can be generated as well. One of the following steps in the development is a direct online presentation without presentation tools.

CREATE Management Features
Preview Link
Preview comment collection
Project Structure overview
Detailed Project Structure overview with item labels and values
Translations (external links for interpreter)
Quick change of page order (drag n drop)
Automatic logic update after change of question order
INVITE Response Management Features
Use your own email account
Use professional email provider
Access to commercial panels
E-Mail Invitation
CSV Upload of invitation addresses
Generation of unique link list for external use (Excel export)
MROC Connection
Unique links (collectors)
Quota Management
Report Project Management Features
Response Statistics
Field Report
Daily response overview
Drop-out controlling
Decision Tree consistency measurement
Quota Management Statistics
Invitation Statistics
Location tracking
Participation rate
Drop-oute rate
Quota Statistics
Simulate responses
Define complex report groups
Survey integration
Edit external IDs (SPSS)
Post study data calculation
Time Spent on Survey
Send Out Links
Default Link
Secure Link
Short Link
Branded Subdomain Link
Private Domain Link
Email Invitations
Email Invitations per Month
Plain Text Emails
HTML Emails
Reminder Emails
Send a reminder to finish survey
Thank You Messages
Send a thank you message to those that have completed your survey
Save and Continue Links
Saves progress of partially filled out survey
Specify "From and Reply" Addresses
View Status of Sent Emails
See email bounces & unsubscribes. See which users clicked the link but didn’t start the survey, partially finished the survey, or completely finished
Secure Email Invite Links
Send secure survey links (SSL/HTTPS)
Embed a Survey
JavaScript Embed
iFrame Embed
HTML Embed
Pop-up Surveys
Website Intercept Survey

questfox Living Report & Data analysis

Besides the important task to make a perfect questioning another task is to create a powerful and easy operated feature of evaluation. In market research daily millions of tables are created and not observed. With questfox Living Report you are by mouse click able to generate a complete analysis with the data you collected via questfox. Different target groups get different reports out of one data base. A management evaluation then looks different than the PR evaluation. Latter should be shared via social media.

Of course the reports can be password protected. Often though reports shall be published and shared via social media. This and much more is supported by the questfox Living Report.

questfox Living Report & Data analysis
Summary Report
Graphs and averages from your data
Profile Report
Compares one individual’s response to all responses
Cross Tab Report
Full Cross Tab report with horizontal & vertical percentage & index
Open Text Analysis
Cross study reporting
Mutliple Instant Reports based on one questionnaire
Use Instant Report Wizard
Instant Report Design Settings / CSS
Password protection Instant Report
Websharing of Instant Report on/off
Google Analytics Integration for Instant Report
One click chart update
Set charting update rhythm
Export Features
Export to PDF
Export to CSV; XLS
Export to SPSS (Generate SPS Script)
Export email addresses seperately
Export open comments seperately
Scheduled Reports
Automatically run report update hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
Schedule Email Reports (Send event based reports to people)


questfox disposes of a unique and intelligent way to control an interview: questlogix®. Participants of a questionnaire are conducted through the interview by jumping rules, forking or fade-outs and they only get those questions that are relevant or scheduled. With questfox, the most complex rules and logics can be defined by mouse click. These functions allow any way of controlling questions of participants.

Simultaneously it is possible to conduct different tasks on the basis of “Trigger-Events”. There can be calculated live and individual or aggregated reports can automatically be built and sent per e-mail. questlogix® is an efficient tool to keep a survey simple.

questlogix®: Logic per mouse click

  • Deactivate questions or pages related to trigger-events
  • Calculate values in the background
  • Improve the route of questionnaire for every participant
  • Send reports on the basis of click-events

Other terms of competition:

Skip & Fill
Logic & Branching
Question Morphing

Survey Login (password protection) (coming soon)
Give Each Respondent a Unique ID
Hidden Value
Soft-Required Questions
Assign points per answer, keeps a running total like magazine quizzes
Send Email
Send an email with survey results
Hide a Question by Default
Do not show question
Page Randomization
Randomize your survey pages to prevent bias
Question Randomization
Randomize your survey questions
Option Randomization
Randomize the answers to your question
Column Randomization (coming soon)
For a table of menus
Auto-Close Date
Individual offline message
Link Quota
Automatically close after a specified number of completed responses
Question-Based Quota
Impede survey takers from continuing to take your survey based on how they have previously answered questions
Create custom scripting
questlogix wizard multiple actions
Amount of condition groups
Complex condition setup
Live calculations
Live reporting via email (Individual Report)
Live reporting via email (Group Report)
Live reporting via email (Benchmark Report)
Branching & Skip Logic
Show or Hide a Question
Hide a question until triggered by an answer to a previous question
Advanced Page Jumping
Jump a respondent to a specific page based on previous answers
A/B Split Testing
Random assignment
Question Piping
Repeat a question based on previously selected options
Option Piping
Append the answers from a question on a previous page to the answers of the current question
URL Variable Option Piping
Add a new option into a question from each value in a URL variable
Page Piping
Repeat an entire page of questions for each previously selected option

MROC Connections

Online Access Pool, Panel or Market Research Online Community (MROC) all describe the idea to contact people that are basically ready to participate in an interview. To remain neutral questfox itself does not operate an own panel, but is technically linked to these commercial providers. With this theoretically all market niche participants are available for the questfox user. The most important players are integrated and consistently new panels are docked to questfox.

In the future marketplaces will exist, that will connect pools of panels. questfox will integrate these new technologies soon.

Social Media Connector

Invitations via social media have a special power. In some surveys we have 10% more respondents with the help of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. questfox provides different possibilities to adress social media canals. This is possible on three levels:

1. Social media for the invitation to a survey
2. Social media outro with LIKE function
3. Social media in the end of a survey with individual messages and photos

The success of using the social media canals depends on the engagement in this media. The power and wide range amazes all users with regularity.

E-Mail Invitation

The standard invitation suffered a loss of importance in the last few years. However questfox has a complete engine for inviting, reminding and for shipping memos and reports to identified e-mail adresses available.

One further important feature is the generation of individual participation links, that are spread to other systems. This function is used with pleasure to send invitations via different systems in one company.

E-mails can be sent in plain text or in HTML code. For the transmission internal systems or external services via questfox can be selected.


More and more companies manage customers in Customer Relationship Management Systems. questfox offers several interfaces to define these systems as systems of invitation to a questfox questionnaire.
The CRM giant Salesforce.com was docked to questfox by an own data interface, so that by now customers can be invited via Salesforce and in the end of the survey a feedback can be sent to the CRM-system.

MROC Connections
Reach a guaranteed completion rate form commercial panels
Bilendi DE
Bilendi CH
Bilendi AT
Bilendi UK
Bilendi FR
Research Now
dalia research
Further MROC can be integrated within 24 hours
Social Media Connector
Facebook Connector
Facebook Fan Status Checker
LinkedIn Connector
Twitter Connector
E-Mail Invitation
Integrate Single E-Mails
Upload unlimited E-Mails
Generate ananonymous external links
Use of professional sending tools
Response Management integrated
Connection to Customer Relationship Tools
Salesforce Connector
QR Codes
QR Codes/2D Matrix
Allows users to take your surveys by scanning QR codes (2D matrices)

Security & Reliability

Survey Security
Survey Login (password protection) (coming soon)
Private Reports
Require a password to view a report
Secure Links
Example: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/38596389/YourSurveyName
Secure Email Invite Links
Send secure survey links (SSL/HTTPS)
Question Piping
Repeat a question based on previously selected options
Option Piping
Append the answers from a question on a previous page to the answers of the current question
URL Variable Option Piping
Add a new option into a question from each value in a URL variable
Page Piping
Repeat an entire page of questions for each previously selected option
Account Management Security
Team-Based Permissions
User-Based Permissions
Time-Based Permissions
Redundant Firewalls and Load Balancers
Compatible with All Web Browsers
Hardware redundancy to keep your data safe
99% Guaranteed Uptime


Online Support Blog, Tutorials, Webinars
Email Support
Chat Chat with our service team if you have questions!
Telephone support
A/B Split Testing
Random assignment
The brands mentioned in this list are courtesy of the brand owner | Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Windows Mobile from Microsoft | SPSS from IBM Inc.
IPad, Iphone from Apple Inc. | Android, Google, Docs from Google Inc. | Salesforce.com from Salesforce inc.

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