Companies that used questfox®

Big companies rely on questfox. SME experience for the first time market research with questfox.
questfox has proven itself in different industries in hundreds of international studies. questfox is used for customer surveys, employee surveys, panel surveys and social media interactions. questfox enables big companies a simple access to methods of market research with immediate result presentation. Surveys can be managed and evaluated in different languages. In particular under time pressure questfox wins.
For many midsize companies questfox is the first approach to topics of market research.With questfox the SME management can now conduct market research without external consultants. Thus questfox expands the usage scenarios considerably. For all users a high standard of data protection is valid, which ensures in questfox a dedicated rights management that only authorizes persons that have access to the data.
Interactive research in Business-to-Consumer relations
Academic research with best possible technical support

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